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Do You Know When You Are In A Position To SELL Your Artwork?

May 12, 2021
Do You Know When You Are In A Position To SELL Your Artwork?

When you went to art school, you likely did not learn anything about sales or marketing. And, if you did, it was likely taught by someone who either did not want to be teaching the course or was not in a successful sales position themselves. This creates a massive gap between an artist, and their business: their art! 

The good news is sales is something you can learn at any point in time. There are a lot of different levels to sales, but for this blog post, I’m going to focus on teaching you how to understand when you are in a sales position. 

Part of learning sales is preparing to make sales, and then knowing when you have entered a sales position. Preparing to make sales includes things like photographing your art, creating a website, and knowing your talking points to sell your art and yourself, all of which are outlined in my sales checklist. But how do you know when you’re talking to a potential client? When you’ve entered into a space where you can sell your art? 

Here a few examples of sales positions that you might enter, either on purpose or on accident: 

  • Interviewing with a Gallery Owner for a spot in their program
  • Presenting to an Art Consultant and someone who wants to learn more about your art
  • In front of a committee showing your art, or presenting your art
  • Someone visiting your studio or hosting an open studio
  • Walking into a gallery opening for your art
  • Networking at a gallery, and someone asks what you do for work 

The big call out in all of these situations is the difference between simply showing your art and entering a position where you can sell it. 

Getting to a space where you can quickly identify how these situations are different, is challenging. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through it alone. My Art MBA course dives into a variety of topics surrounding growing your art career. We spend two modules on sales because it’s that important. 

Don’t “DIY” your career. Sign up for my Art MBA program today and learn from someone who has been through this all before. 

One of my Art MBA students, Allen, recently shared that his graduate school education at an Ivy League school offered ONE 45 minute course over the entire two years where he got a conversation-style lecture about business that did absolutely nothing for his career. After struggling financially for years he finally decided to take control and start working on this area. 

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