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How To Analyze And Breakdown Your Mindset

Nov 24, 2021
How To Analyze And Breakdown Your Mindset

In my last blog post, I explored growth mindset versus fixed mindset. The overall message there was to strive for a growth mindset in most of your life. But what do you do if you’re finding that you have a fixed mindset in important areas of your life? 

I encourage the artists I coach to analyze and breakdown their mindsets to help them uncover mindsets that may be holding them back. You can do this by asking yourself a series of questions. For example, if you feel you may be struggling with a negative mindset around money, here are a few questions you may ask yourself: 

1. What was your family’s attitude about money growing up?

2. What were you told about money?

3. What is your current belief about money? 

There are plenty more questions that are helpful for this mental exercise, we dive deep into them in my Art MBA program. This exercise is meant to take you down any path in your life where you may have picked up negative mindsets that are affecting your present, adult life. Hopefully as you work through the questions you are uncovering deeply rooted beliefs you have that can be adjusted to better suit who you are today. 

Things such as money, diet and exercise, relationships, and career choices are often important sectors of life that are heavily influenced by how you grew up. Sometimes, that mindset is totally fine and works for you and your life. However, sometimes these mindsets can cause discomfort, unhealthy habits, and overall, a negative outlook on life. When you feel that discomfort, that’s how you know it’s time to make a change. 

If you are ready to make a change, let’s do that together. You do NOT have to go at this alone! I know how to help you, the same way I’ve helped 1,000s of other artists. Join the Art MBA Waiting List and be the first to get notified when enrollment is open again!

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