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Reverse Engineer Your Career Goals Like A CEO

Jul 14, 2021
Reverse Engineer Your Career Goals Like A CEO

When you’re planning the growth and goals you want to accomplish throughout your career as an artist, where do you start? Do you write down the goal and hope it will manifest itself, or maybe you don’t write down any goals and instead complete your daily tasks and hope for success?

You must understand that you ARE the CEO of your art career, and in order to think like a CEO, you need to reverse engineer all of your goals! 

What exactly does that mean? It means planning backwards or planning with the end in mind. CEOs practice this in all aspects of their life, and you can easily do this too with some guidance. 

Why Should you do it?

Reverse engineering is a great practice when you set a goal and need a well-thought-out plan to accomplish that goal.

For instance, let’s use the goal of  “Reaching a monthly sales goal of $10,000”.

Through reverse engineering, you would ask yourself questions like:

  • “Do I need to create more art work?”
  • “Do I need to schedule more shows?”
  • “Do I need to improve my marketing efforts?”
  • “How many artworks do I need to sell?”
  • -and many more….

By working backwards from your goal, you will see what tasks need to be completed, ultimately leading you right to your goal, and will help you avoid getting too overwhelmed with your to-do list. The more you reverse engineer your goals, the more you’ll find yourself feeling less overwhelmed and more empowered!


Goal planning is no easy task. Habits are hard to break, and it might feel like you don’t have the time or energy to build yourself this map. The good news is you’re not in this alone, and I have a tool that you can use to take your art career to the next level.

I’ve created a guide that will help you embrace the CEO mindset! Grab your copy today and take control of your art career!

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