Why Inventorying Your Art Benefits Your Career!

Learning From My Mistakes!

When I started my gallery in 2001, I made a lot of mistakes that I was not aware of until I was painfully aware of them!

My top three business mistakes were: Not hiring a bookkeeper and an accountant, not hiring a part-time gallery assistant, and not having a CRM or a ‘Customer Relationship Manager’ that would help me organize all of my gallery inventory, contacts, and information that was being developed at that time.

As A Matter of Fact: I didn’t even know what a CRM was until I read my first ‘sales book’ at 26 years old, and it was mentioned. It was then mentioned in another book I read and when I heard it for the third time, I decided to take it seriously.

I went down the rabbit hole researching CRM’s for small businesses and galleries and found the software that I eventually started to use.  It was custom made for galleries (not artists) and by the time I eventually got around to being able to afford...

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