What is Your Sales Mindset?

I once had someone in the art community tell me that people spoke about my business negatively because I sell a lot of art and had a “commercial” gallery. 

My response to this was first confusion and then…laughter. Because I know I need to sell art to pay for my business expenses, my life, to have employees and to be able to pay them well, and, of course, the most important part to me: To enable artists to build their careers through having an income stream of money from their art sales to continue making art.

While I was able to laugh that comment off, I know that statement would impact a lot of younger artists and their ability to confidently sell their work, because part of being successful in sales, is having a positive mindset about sales. 

I conducted a survey that asked, “How much time do you dedicate to sales?” and the overwhelming majority of answers said, “zero time”.


On the flip side, I saw a lot of answers...

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