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How you can create more success and freedom in your career through being organized!

You will also learn what a CRM is and why you need one if you don't currently have one. 

How to go from no one knowing about you and your art to generating one million followers!

You will also learn how to create value in the marketplace where people want to know what you have to say and are excited to hear from you. 

How to attract attention from arts writers to get your shows and projects written about!

You will also learn what you need to give arts writers to get them to write about your work in a successful way!  

How you can approach museums and museum curators to generate interest for upcoming exhibitions and museum collections!

You will also learn why it is important to exhibit in museums and generate those opportunities.

How you can expand your portfolio to do mural projects. 

You will also learn how mural projects can expand your reach nationally and create more financial opportunities.

How you can connect with curators to find hidden opportunities!

You will also learn what curators look for when deciding to work with artists on projects.

How to set your first 'financial goal' for success!

You will also learn some 'easy' money solutions and the top mistakes people make when it comes to their finances.

— The Empowered Artist Workshop —

Bridgette brings together seven experts to take YOUR art career to the NEXT LEVEL!

You will discover all the ways you can and need to grow your career and how to do it. You will have a full checklist of items and knowledge on how to get started immediately. 

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"I was surprised to learn how straightforward it could be to approach museum curators! The information on how to send out materials and reach out to them in a professional way was extremely helpful."


"I LOVED, the diffeerent energy that came from the Persona of each person. Their character and personality and what drove them, their niche. "


"The variety of speakers and that they were all so different and offered a different perspective. Also the presentation was really helpful. Bridgette really demonstrates that she loves what she does that is helping artists succeed."


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