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Reignite Your Art & Creative Career!

33 Mistakes Artists & Creatives Make and How to Turn Them Around to 10X Your Success This Year

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  1. Learning + development stops after college or grad school
  2. Networking is drinking wine and being seen
  3. Websites are not really important
  4. Who needs an email list, it is outdated!
  5. I don’t need to know how much money I make yearly
  6. I don’t need to know my expenses
  7. There is no such thing as a proper application
  8. Impression I am making? Who cares!
  9. I can procrastinate and still be successful
  10. I don’t need to worry about my words and thoughts
  11. I only need to read books about art to succeed
  12. I don’t need to manage my money
  13. Being desperate is honest and authentic
  14. I don’t need to follow-up
  15. I don’t need multiple sources of income
  16. Monitoring my time online is not necessary
  17. I really don’t need to “get out”
  18. I don’t need to ask for help.
  19. I don’t need to manage my time, I’m a creative
  20. I am beyond applying for opportunties
  21. My rule is I don’t apply to things with a fee
  22. I can just keep creating the same works over and over
  23. I don’t need any feedback
  24. Starving artist is the way
  25. I don’t really need to file my taxes every year
  26. I am my own island!
  27. I don’t need to update my info
  28. I have plenty of time to invoice clients
  29. I have all the relationships I need
  30. I don’t need a retirement account
  31. Tracking money is not important
  32. I am not really in charge
  33. I can stay close to home and thrive