How to Create Your Dream Career & Have People Lining up to Buy Your Art

What every creative needs to know about creating a successful & profitable art career


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If your career seems stagnant and you just can’t seem to jump start it or get motivated OR if you know are stuck and can’t get to the next level,  you know it is NOT going to be a successful year for you. Thousands of artists around the world suffer the same challenges as you do and let me tell you this, it’s not your fault and you CAN have the career you desire. If you want to have the best art & creative career that you can while making money, I have the solution for you, Bridgette Mayer’s ART MBA Membership Program

Look what happened to Paula!

Paula was an artist who was stuck in her current studio process and was not sure how to jumpstart her client list and her studio sales. She started applying some of Bridgette’s concepts each week and after a few weeks she had a new game plan and outlook on her career very quickly

Imagine this...

...waking up every day feeling excited for what you are working on both in your studio and the success happening outside of it. Imagine the sense of calm as you take on your day and watch the results come in. Imagine the feeling of having a monthly plan in place and having an art business coach in your back pocket and a community of like-minded successful creatives to share the journey with!

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Meet Your Coach - Bridgette Mayer

Since 2001 when I opened my gallery in Philadelphia, I have been working with artists who have the same challenges you have.  Not selling enough art and making money, not finding opportunities and working with multiple galleries and not knowing how to get out of the rut they are in. Artists who are stuck and frustrated. As a seasoned gallerist, art consultant and public-arts curator & professional, I created the ART MBA Membership Program and have coached hundreds of artists to get them working on their careers to see massive results. From my experience of working with artists, art collectors, public art committees and curating hundreds of exhibitions, I created this monthly, go at your own pace, year-long membership module program to give artists and creatives a clear path to making effective changes that will help them get the exhibitions, sales, clients and opportunities they are looking for.  I have applied these principles to my own career to achieve massive success and results.

The ART MBA Membership Program program will...

Give you a foundation and roadmap to start making positive career changes

Give you guidance and explain tactics around thinking, visioning and taking proactive career business steps to have immediate results

Help you develop new ideas in your mindset and thinking about what you need to do for career success that you might not currently be doing

Give you the plan to create success every single month and all year long, helping you make and save more money

Give you actionable items and steps to take to try out the concepts and give you access to the thinking I have employed and learned over twenty years of running a top commercial gallery

Give you access to my thinking and conversations online where you will be able to ask questions in addition to the content each month


What others are saying about Bridgette Mayer's ART MBA Membership Program

"My time working with Bridgette Mayer began in June 2016 during her Art Cure workshop. I quickly realized that there were so many things that I should have been doing in both my practice and my life that I wasn’t. As result of the workshop, I shifted my thinking to be more positive—from what I couldn’t do to what I could do and promptly within three weeks sold five paintings and secured a solo exhibition. In the second month of my one-on-one coaching with Bridgette, she helped me to position myself by creating ongoing success through a new writing business that she helped me conceptualize and set-up. Her individualized, no nonsense approach to coaching pushed me to realize my potential, all the while being supportive and treating my success as her own. In the years during and after working with Bridgette I have sold over $50,000 in paintings; secured five solo exhibitions, one two-person exhibition, and fifteen group exhibitions; and was selected for residencies in New Mexico, St. Petersburg, Russia, and Skagastrond, Iceland. Prior to working with Bridgette, I had invested a lot of time and money into my practice with minimal returns, and I am grateful to her for putting me on the path to financial independence. It was not easy to face my debt and address my financial health. There was a lot of crying and resistance, but it had to be faced and Bridgette helped me to move outside the shame and discomfort. The work is ongoing—there is always something more that can be done so that I can continue to build and be successful. Bridgette Mayer’s coaching, helped me feel confident and able to sustain my practice and continue to grow—investing in coaching was the best decision I’ve made for my career and future"

M.Kishita, Philadelphia, PA

"I did not have plans to work with an art career consultant. I saw Bridgette's workshop for artists on Facebook and simply went on instinct to join the group at her gallery. After having heard her speak I was absolutely sold on the need for her help to take my career as a painter to the next level.  Bridgette offers not only years of expertise in the field of marketing and selling art, but also a background in fine art. Along with her formidable experience, she has a great attitude and such an approachable personality. She is so easy to work with even when she is demanding more of me as an artist. In the first few weeks I was taking steps to improves my resume, statement, and website with Bridgette's support and guidance. Through her observations in my studio I was able to see my production more objectively and take steps to really push it to new levels. I was shifting my approach to better manage sales in my studio. Bridgette has encouraged me to take a fresh look at every aspect of making and selling my work and has even turned into the light areas that I didn't even know needed to exist in order to become as successful as I can be.  Her guidance not only helps with the nuts and bolts aspects of building a career but her intuition about people allows her to see where an artist may be holding themselves back in ways they never thought existed. With Bridgette's guidance, I now know it is possible to have the career as an artist that I want - one where I am making the best work of my life along with the sales that make it possible.  I so highly recommend working with Bridgette to anyone who is ready to really take their career as an artist into a bigger place. She is wonderful to work with and somehow always seems to know what needs to come next."

K. Fredendall, Philadelphia, PA

Here’s what you’ll get in the ART MBA Membership Program

Brand New Monthly Online Training

Every month you will get a new module with a video lesson that ranges from 20-40 minutes. These videos have instructions on actions to take and have examples and stories being shared to illustrate the discussion.

Worksheets, Guides and Action Plans

A worksheet or information around each monthly lesson to take action, journal and learn with me as your guide in filling it out.

Positive Affirmation Audio Downloads

A 5-7 minute audio positive affirmation track specifically for artists and creatives around the content covered in the course module. These are positive statements that I have created from my experience running my business over 20 years that work to create a positive mindset and help “set” the video content into your mind simply by listening to them

Private Member Only Community

An invitation into my private online member only community where you will have access to me and can ask me questions directly about any challenges you might be having with your career and join other creatives on their mission to create a top creative career this year. You will enjoy content from me and invited top industry professional’s in live interviews to learn new concepts and ideas that will help you professionally

In addition, I will be giving further advice, examples and teachings around the monthly modules

Join Today and Get Your BONUS Chapter of my Book:

Art MBA Volume 1: Mindset.

Use Your Mind To Grow & Fulfill Your Creative Career Aspirations.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

We accept any major debit or credit card though our online secure checkout.

You can go at your own pace every month and watch the module teaching video and do the worksheet or related content that goes with it and come back to it as much as you’d like.

If you are a successful creative or a struggling creative who is stuck and can’t seem to build momentum or just need to hit the ‘refresh’ button then yes, this program is for you. It will offer concepts/thoughts, idea and action items that you can start doing the minute you watch the videos. If you have ever wanted to work with a business coach or work with me directly but have not been able to afford it, then this program is for you.  It will give you coaching access to all the ideas I work on daily and teach artists to have a successful career.

The monthly membership portal begins the minute you sign up and you will get access every 30 days from the day you sign up and will deliver the online training for you as long as you keep your membership active.

Most creatives have blind spots when it comes to what they are doing that might be holding them back professionally and don’t always know the business information and ideas they need to keep succeeding. The reality is that it takes a lot of time to build a business, get coaching, ready books, go to seminars and do the professional development things needed to keep learning and growing a career. I have seen this phenomenon consistently over the past twenty years which is why I decided to create this program. This program will give you current insights and ideas into how you can take simple steps to get great results. It will give you action steps to work on that are simple and easy that you can start immediately.

YES! If you would like to gift this program to a family member, friend or creative person in need, please CLICK HERE to purchase this as a gift and we will reach out to them and grant them access.

If you are not satisfied with the product for some reason, please send an email to [email protected] explaining your reason for wanting to return the product. We will accept refunds in the first week of purchase with a valid and honest explanation. If the product is returned, community access to Art MBA and related facebook group will be deleted.

Canceling your subscription is super easy!  Just send an email to [email protected] letting us know you'd like to cancel.  We have a cancel anytime policy for all our subscription services. 

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