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Sales Class For Artists: How To Sell Your Art


Learn all aspects of selling your art including:

  • Who and where to sell your art
  • List building marketing
  • Pricing your art
  • Proven sales process
  • Handling objections
  • Creating mockups
  • Sales scripting
  • Email newsletters
  • Conducting sales calls
  • How to seek out opportunities 
  • Planning your marketing to sell for the entire year.
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Watch and Learn From the Art MBA 2-Day Workshop That Took Place Oct. 7th - 8th 2023 At The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia (USA)

Join top Gallery Owner Bridgette Mayer as she teaches and shares her proven strategies for growing your art business – specialized training for ambitious artists!

Create Your Success in Being a Top Recognized Artist and Learn How to Make Money, Get Galleries, Sell Your Art and Grow Your Reach With my 2-Day Art Business Mastery Workshop


“ Five years after graduating from college and working in the arts, I could not pay my bills and was struggling financially. Even though I had a great resume at that point and had the best intentions of doing well in my industry, I was not surviving. My life was pretty simple and bleak and I did not have the money or the freedom to enjoy life like others around me in different industries seemed to be. Life could not stay this way and it didn't, I turned it around and now teach others to do the same in my Art MBA program.”

- Bridgette Mayer
Founder and Creator of the Art MBA Program

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