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What Is Your Current Mindset?

Oct 06, 2021
What is Your Current Mindset?

Have you checked in with your Mindset lately? It sounds a little silly, but your mindset is the number one factor that will determine your success or failure in the arts.  

Of course, your technical skills, degree, and networking abilities are important - but they are nothing without the proper mindset. Your mindset is how you think and operate in your daily life. It is the determining factor in how you react or don’t react, to certain situations. It drives your behavior, and thankfully, it is able to shift and evolve as time goes on.  

The interesting thing about your mindset is that it is deeply rooted in where you came from. I have worked with numerous artists that were raised in poverty, watching their parents move from job to job, living paycheck to paycheck who eventually found themselves in the exact same situation as adults. This is when they have the light-bulb moment - as I like to call it - where they actively realized their mindset needed to change.  

The reality is, you can change your mindset however you need to in order to see success, or at least better results, with your goals. Once you have had your light-bulb moment, take the time to think about how you can change your mindset for the better. For example, you might identify your current mindset with money as “I don’t have enough money and I want more” which you likely developed from hearing “money doesn't go on trees” as a child. You might want to shift your mindset to “Money is raining down on me and I have so much money and abundance in life!” 

This mindset shift might seem cheesy on paper, but implementing it into your life will allow you to seek out opportunities that will change your stressful financial situation, or make you feel more confident and comfortable with your finances. By being open to these changes, you will begin to attract more money, comfort, and success.  

Changing your mindset is not an easy thing to do, especially if you are shifting from a mindset rooted in childhood. However, if you are finding yourself in a negative mindset, working to identify what needs to change, might be the best thing to happen in your art career.  

One place to start with shifting your mindset is by making sure you are always listening to positive affirmations.  You can start by using some of my favorite and most powerful affirmations that I’ve put together for you here

Always remember – it IS possible to completely shift your mindset by consistently working on making positive mindset adjustments and by using powerful affirmations to keep yourself on the right path.

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