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Do You REALLY Need To Be Consistent With Social Media And Your CRM As An Artist?

Jul 21, 2021
Do You REALLY Need To Be Consistent With Social Media And Your CRM As An Artist?

Keeping digital aspects of your business updated is important for keeping things moving and efficient. Things like an updated and organized CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) allow you to contact people with confidence knowing who they are, and what they like.  As far as social media goes, by keeping it updated and posting consistently, you allow people to feel consistently updated and aware of the work you are doing.

Social Media

Social Media is a great tool for connecting with other artists or gallery owners. Regardless of how you want to use it is up to you, just make sure you consider how your posts may be perceived by people who come to your page.

Establishing a social media mission statement will help you establish consistency, clarity, and connection in your posting, which makes a huge difference to your audience members. From here, you will want some sort of content calendar to help you keep your page updated regularly, letting people know what you’re working on and that you’re selling your work.

Social media may seem like a small, superficial detail in your overall business plan. But I am constantly being surprised by what comes out of social media. I’ve had people email me inquiring about a specific artists’ work they saw on Instagram and how they can buy it. For me, social media is not primarily about sharing personal updates, it’s used as an advertising tool and I created it for that purpose.

Your social media pages can be whatever you want them to be. Just make sure you have a mission and are establishing connections by posting regularly.

CRM Customer Relationship Manager

A Customer Relationship Manager, or CRM, is a database that organizes all your information about mailing lists, invoices, data sets, and consignment sheets.  If this is a new term for you, make sure to check out this blog post where I talk all about why it’s important to have a CRM!

It is so important to have a database for sales and selling. They allow you to easily contact potential buyers, gallery owners, and anyone else about your art in an efficient manner. Databases like Artwork Archive,  allow you to make notes about a person so you can remember how you met them, what kind of art they are interested in, or if they own a gallery.

If your using tools like Mailchimp or Constant Contact you can tag emails in these platforms to organize by gallery owner, family friend, etc. the more you do this, the better you can segment for targeting, and you’ll be able to remember the person without having to ask them.

CRM upkeep can be time-consuming, so schedule time during the week to update your CRM and get any new contacts into your system.  Then, back up this data somehow – I like to have a printed version on hand.

When I work with artists, the biggest areas where I see they are not ready to truly maximize their sales potential are with their CRM and email list not being tagged and not knowing who people are. Get yourself in a position to meet your sales goals by working with me in my Art MBA program.  

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