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The Four Major Components Of A Sales Script That Will Help You Sell More Art!

Jun 30, 2021
The Four Major Components Of Sales Scripts That Will Help You Sell More Art!

Sales Scripts are a must-have when it comes to selling your art!  I personally use them all the time in my business.  Whether it’s when I’m sending emails, making phone calls, or giving a presentation, they are a quick resource that will boost your confidence and make you feel wildly more prepared when you’re having your sales conversations.

 A sales script, in the simplest terms, is a written-out plan of what you want to say in a clear and concise manner. Creating a script gives you the power to have your thoughts laid out for you and they will help you sound more professional. The best script will be dynamic, meaning you can use it across phone calls, emails, and presentations with ease. Another benefit of a sales script is that they allow you to anticipate pushback or questions that may come up and have them already answered in your notes.

Today I want to share the four major components of a sales script that will help you sell more art!   

  1. An explanation as to why you’re contacting someone.

When you’re contacting a potential buyer, take a moment to explain why you are contacting them. If they are an old connection, re-establish that by mentioning you thought they might like some of your new work. If they’ve been active on your social media channels, thank them for the likes and comments. If you found their information from a studio visit, let them know that. Establishing why you are contacting them will make it seem more like a friendly conversation rather than a sales pitch.

  1. A brief introduction of you and your work.

 This can be about a specific painting or your work in general. The buyer will naturally want to know more about what you’re trying to sell them, so take the burden of them asking you off their plate and explain it right out of the gate. This also will help in making you look more organized, especially if you have a specific piece picked out for them. 

  1. Ask the individual for their thoughts on the piece you share with them.

 Once you get to the point where you’re sharing your art with a potential buyer, make sure you ask them their thoughts. This way, if they don’t like a particular piece you shared with them, you’ll have information to go off of to share some of your work they might enjoy instead. 

  1. An outline for the next steps. 

Make sure you always establish a line of next steps. If you’re on the phone this might be scheduling a studio visit or getting their email to follow up. If you’re emailing, this may include asking their thoughts on a specific piece. For studio visits get their contact information so you can reach back out. Having a clear path of what to do next will make you feel at ease with the sales process while demonstrating that you’re an organized professional. 

These are just a few tips for sales scripts. Nailing down your sales process can take time, patience, and practice, especially if you’re new to it. You can learn more about conquering the world of sales as an artist by enrolling in my Art MBA program. Through this program, we dive deep into sales and everything else it takes to launch your art career.  I also share my personal sales scripts with you, so you have a successful script to build on.

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