Bridgette Mayer


All Artists Can And Should Sell Their Art

What is a ‘sales checklist’?  How can you start selling your art today?  Why do perception and relationships matter?


During This Masterclass You Will Learn:


What A Sales Checklist Is And Why You Need One To Get Started Selling.

have all the tools in place to get ready to sell your art!

Why Perception & Relationships Matter In Selling Art

Would You Buy Your Art From Yourself?

What Holds Artists Back From Selling Their Art.

STOP Waiting For Permission To Sell Your Art!

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Bridgette Mayer

I have had incredible business and life experiences since 2001 when I opened my gallery, Bridgette Mayer Gallery. If you had asked me even ten years ago to list what I would have accomplished, I never would have dreamed of what I have built and created.

I had to take massive action, educate myself around things that were not working well or things I was uncertain about and I had to build my success, brick by brick, day by day.

I have been featured on CNN, in the New York Times Magazine and featured as one of the top 500 galleries in the world by Modern Painters Magazine. I have invested thousands of dollars in working with top level executive coaches, working on my business and in my own professional development and have created a life and career I am immensely proud of.

Building a successful career as a creative is possible and I can help you create a career that you are excited about and proud of!

What others are saying about Bridgette Mayer

"All the other teachers out there talk about how to get started, but none of them talk about how to make sustainable sales and move forward once you are established. I come away from our time having a real understanding of what I need to be doing each week to reach my sales goals and what it really takes to make it happen. "


"Bridgette Mayer is amazing. She gave my career and my working practice a very needed jumpstart. I had been stumbling through my artistic career for a number of years when I began working with Bridgette as a coach. Within two weeks, I had an exhibition of my work lined up in a new gallery, sold more work than I had in a year, and completely restructured my working process."


"Bridgette has taught me to think big and envision what I really want, and she provides detailed, practical steps to take action.

Mindset truly is the key. "


"Though we started coaching right before the pandemic hit, with her guidance I have made almost 60% more money this year than my previous best year. I just sent out my newsletter, which I’m excited to say 345 people read. I had some direct responses and generated leads for sales after the holidays. I found Bridgette’s expertise to be immensely helpful in navigating delicate business relationships in a field teeming with unwritten rules. Working with her as a coach has been an excellent investment."



All Artists Can And Should Sell Their Art

What is a ‘sales checklist’?  How can you start selling your art today?  Why do perception and relationships matter?